Listen to your Heart!

Listen to your Heart!

On Monday, August 5th our team went to Workready’s Expo. located at the Philadelphia Convention Center. We brought our idea of the Heart-Rate Headphones to the people.
(Here’s our poster!)
It was something very new, to experience and very fun! We got to venture out and see what other people have thought of.

We got to present and talk to lots of people about our idea. Which had gotten lots of responses like:

“This is AMAZING!”
“Oh my goodness, four girls created and came up with this idea?”
” I love it, I would totally want to buy this!”

These positive responses encourages and motivates us to take this project even further in the near future.  Our next step is to make an accurately working prototype and have our device consists of more songs and sensors.

Seizure Alert Device

Seizure Alert Device

Here as interns at temple, we came up with an idea called the, Seizure Alert Device. We thought of this project because when people that have seizures are home alone can still be safe. We think this device can help save many lives.

For example, a company called Life Alert has a device that helps people in need. Our device is better because it senses early signs of a seizure and lets emergency contacts know that something is wrong with the person left alone. For life alert you have to press a button and be able to speak to a person and explain to them whats wrong.

Life Alert has a major disadvantage with its device. Say for instance you fall and break your hands and can’t speak, how will anyone help you in this situation using life alert. Also if not careful, the Life Alert device can choke you because you have to wear it around your neck.

People who are known to have seizures can use this device. They would use this as they sleep. We recommend using this at this time because about 5 million people in the United States are known to having seizures while asleep.

The Seizure Alert Device works by hooking the muscle sensors to your upper arm and by wrapping the heart sensor around your finger. You will then connect the wires to an arduino board, and connect the board to the computer. Next, you’ll run the software and it will read your heart rate and muscle activity. If the rates are abnormal, the device will sound off an alarm and call an emergency contact automatically. The alarm will sound until someone comes to help, then it will reset and check your heart rate and muscle activity again.

Our device is only a simple implementation of what it could be. It could be improved by becoming a sort of brace that could be worn everyday, so that you don’t have to be plugged up to a machine all the time.

Fall so hard, Life Alert tryna’ find me!

Life Alert more like Death Alert

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but Life Alert won’t save me!

What if your having a seizure and you cant speak or press a button to contact someone. Life alert can’t help in this situation but our seizure device alerts emergency contacts of the person in need as soon as it detects abnormal rates.

Life Alert – Commercial

We are better, because in an emergency situation our device automatically sends a call to an emergency contact to let the person know something is wrong.

Meanwhile the Life Alert will never help you. If its an emergency you may not be able to talk to who this device calls, you may break your fingers and cant press the button for help, and for goodness sake this device could even choke you to death.

This is why we’re better!